• Hannah Telluselle

Using affirmations as confirmations

The first time I learned about affirmations, were through reading the book "You can heal your life" by Louise Hay in 1996 and using the adjoining workbook. Since I am a writer, it became an easy practice for me. I also went back to the extensive list in the back of physical symptoms and their corresponding thoughts and beliefs, for many years.

Soon, I encountered feelings of opposition. I didn't feel what the affirmations were saying, standing in front of the mirror. But, nonetheless I kept using them for years. Later, I realized that it is these emotions that in fact are what needs to be addressed and processed. They are our teachers. What can I feel instead, and how?

Now, these last couple of months, I have been journaling daily in "The Inner Child Journal" by Rachel Havekost and found that I simply write down my actual beliefs as affirmations. On equality, for example, I wrote:

I'm equally paid for the same job.

I'm equally treated as others in the same category.

When it comes to emotional expressions and harboring, we are all equal.

These are my truths by experience. Now, isn't that what we want? Stop affirming, and start confirming!

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