• Hannah Telluselle

Using the right name

The more knowledge we acquire, the more important it becomes to guard its use. These last couple of days, after Russian invasion of Ukraine started, our social media feeds are overflowing, which is both good and bad. What I mean by that is, that it's good to get real live reports, but it's bad with the wrong definitions and conclusions that many ordinary people draw and spread about it. This is especially important to be aware of, when it's famous people with many followers, working as our idols, who therethrough can influence many in dangerous directions. In an already scary and vulnerable situation, we must be aware of with what, and how, we are feeding the enemy.

Disinformation is this, the assumptions, and at times distorted facts. This can be involuntarily, ie by stupidity or little afterthought, as mentioned above, or on purpose by parliament leaders in the media, as a tool for war. Anytime someone adds their opinion in disguise as a fact, we risk disinformation. So, always use the right name, the right words, to describe your own feelings, your own thoughts, your own encounters, your own examples. Start using "I think (feel)" in your sentences. You'll become more centred, more unique and more realigned with your original purpose. Own your words, or be silent.

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