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In the Public Eye

July 23, 2016

We can be featured in mainstream media in two ways; either by being the writer for example like a columnist, or we can be written about for example when someone interviews us. Here is a list of what I can remember of where and when I was featured either with my own opinion or showed on photo and written about in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV (regular blogs excluded):


1975: Nya Lidköpingstidningen, Sweden - about being a flowergirl for Woody Herman and Stan Getz

1977: Nya Lidköpingstidningen, Sweden - about performing classical ballet on stage like a troll

1979: Sydsvenskan, Sweden - performing in Lund with classical ballet on stage

1980: Sydsvenskan, Sweden - my first published short story at youthpage

1983: Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden - performing jazzdance with "Fame" on stage  in Eslöv

1985: Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden - performing a part in play "Snow White" on stage in Eslöv

1985: Arbetet, Sweden - performing like a Aerobics instructor at Horseshow in Eslöv

1986: Sydsvenskan, Sweden - horsebackriding Lucia-trail downtown Eslöv

1986: Skånska Dagbladet, Arbetet & Mellanskåne, Sweden - performing (and assistant writer) in play "The Murder on the Pågatågtrain" in Eslöv

1986: Skånska Dabladet, Sweden - performing in the choir with "My Fair Lady" on stage in Eslöv

1987: Sydsvenskan, Sweden - horsebackriding through downtown carnival as a musketeer in Eslöv

1987: Sydsvenskan, Sweden - published my first column about going to the United States (NYC and CT)

1988: Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden - article about workenvironment at Bergaskolan (High School) in Eslöv

1988: Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden - interviewed about being a High School graduate

1988: Times of Ti, NY, USA - public speaking presentation of Swedish culture in Ticonderoga, NY

1988: Times of Ti, NY, USA - making the National Honor Roll for academic performance in Ticonderoga

1988: Times of Ti, NY, USA - performing and becoming 2nd runner up in Ticonderoga Jr Miss Pageant

1989: Times of Ti and Yearbook, NY, USA - interviewed about being an exchange student and graduation speech, NY

1989: Skånska Dagbladet, Sweden - article about my performance in the Ticonderoga Jr Miss Pageant

1990: Tetra Pak's internal newsletter, Sweden - about being a new employee in Lund

1990: Sydsvenskan, Sweden - cheerleading in the Lundacarnival with Dave Johnson's danceschool

1991: Sydsvenskan, Sweden - performing jazzdance with "Eslövs Angels" on stage

1991: Tetraiten, Sweden - self featured working at TetraPak 

1994: Radio P3, Sweden - discussing gender equality in the advertising business as a student at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm

1994: Resumé, Sweden - first freelancing job as a copywriter for Delicato in Stockholm

1997: Resumé, Sweden - column/obituary about Henri Holmgren being my mentor in advertising

1994-1997 & 2007: Promoted other people and their businesses as a copywriter

1999: Sydsvenskan, Sweden - interview by Nicklas Orrenius about the social welfare service system in Malmö

1999: TV SvT1 Rapport Morgon, Sweden - interview by Britt-Marie Mattsson in morning news show live broadcast about the social welfare service system in Stockholm

1999: TV TV2 Sydnytt, Sweden - story about about the social welfare service system in Malmö

2000: ForumMagazinet, Sweden - published articles about wellness in Malmö

2001: Malmöguiden, Sweden - published articles reviews, and columns about the Bo01 home fair, 9/11, Sex and the City, cafés, movies etc

2002: Chef Ledarna's magazine, Sweden - interview about my exam-paper on Professional Lifecoaching at Malmö högskola (university) and starting my coaching practice including public speaking

2005: Sydsvenskan Dygnet Runt, Sweden - about performing Hawaiian Hula at Xpress Yourself in Malmö (after changing my last name to Telluselle to become a personal brand like I have for clients in advertising to be recognized for who I am and what I do without always be associated with what my Dad wrote)

2007: Aftonbladet, Sweden - interviewed about copyrights for dancers and the Talent show at TV4

2007: Vårt Malmö, Sweden  - published column about Aloha, passing it forward in Malmö

2008: TV SvT, Sweden - extra in two episodes of comedyseries "Mia and Clara" in Malmö

2009: TV, Denmark - extra in commercial for bandaids in Copenhagen

2009: Svenska Dagbladet's Cultureblog, Sweden - mentioned in a discussion about faith

2009: Aftonbladet, Sweden - interview by Jessica Ritzén about social welfare system persecution

2010: Honolulu Weekly, HI, USA - letter to the editor about the high rent for local business owners

2010: Times of Ti, NY, USA - article about me as a Ticonderoga High School Alumni

2010: Conscious Dancer Magazine - blogarticle about Eco-feminism

2010-13: Kanu Hawaii, USA - blogs about recycling and Aloha in Honolulu & Stockholm 10 000 readers

2012: Hawaii Free Press, USA - quoted twice and asked about my blog "Under the Wings of Freedom"

2013: TV-channel's online news - planning and performing V-day's and Debbie Allen's dance choreography with a flashmob for One Billion Rising in Stockholm

2014: Aftonbladet and Expressen in Sweden - briefly mentioned about opening up lawsuit for copyright infringement against yoga-author in Stockholm.


2015-18 Waiting for a journalist to pick up the scoop...







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