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Hannah Telluselle

After connecting with the Sacred Feminine through dancing Hula and learning about how to live Aloha, to live in harmony with ourselves, others and earth, she changed her name from Camilla Charpentier, to Hannah Telluselle, approved as a Swedish copyright 2006, to further her storytelling and promote living a green and healthy lifestyle, invented to mean "Mother Earth's Daughter".

     Hannah has written books about healing our feminine and masculine aspects within to reclaim a healthy inner child's play and wonder for creativity, as well as be caring adults. It is her ambition to lead dialogues for personal and organizational development through storytelling, personal coaching and support groups, using the Socratic method.

     Hannah has a background as a Professional Copywriter in advertising based on an education at Berghs' School of Communication in Stockholm and have worked both as an employee and as a freelancer, mostly with promotional magazines and corporate presentations within food, health and interior design.

     She continued to become a Lifecoach with a degree in Organizational Change and Workscience from Hawaii Pacific University and Malmö University, where she introduced Personal coaching as a new profession in Sweden, through her research papers. Her work experience as a speaker on motivation, and as a Lifecoach for small business owners, unemployed, middle managers and creatives, enabled many breakthroughs with small group meetings and one-on-one sessions. She started her coaching business Balansfokus in late 2001, and through MeetUp for an international audience in Stockholm in 2015-18, based on her leadership for a youth organization for former exchange students.

    Hannah Telluselle's real passion, however, is to dance. As a little girl she took ballet classes and continued with Jazz and Show as a teen, as well as singing in a choir and taking drama classes. As an adult, she continued with Modern and West African dance after a hiatus of a decade, but leading her to discover Hawaiian Hula, before learning Isadora Duncan, taking her back to her childhood joy. She loves to perform on stage, and holds her own workshops in Hula on occasion in Sweden. 

Download her resumé and coverletter here and here.
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