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Here you will find more information about the personal coaching that Hannah Telluselle offers. With her as your coach you receive perspectives, encouragement and feedback, to improve your life with more creativity. Hannah uses an interview technique based on the Co-Active Coaching model, to inspire and challenge you for positive change. Your success is her success!

Hannah Telluselle
Find your motivation


What drives us, is at best our passion. With Hannah as your sounding board, you will get clear about how to be of service with a greater sense of life satisfaction, purpose and gratitude on the job.


Through one-on-one sessions she helps you assess your skills to take an inventory of your abilities, clarify your values, needs and goals and enable you to start taking action that is followed up with you to make real progress.


Price: The first meeting is for free, after that the price is 100 USD per hour, usually every other week for a 3 month period, in person, over the phone or through Zoom. 

Hannah Telluselle
Find support in a group


Do you stand at a crossroad and want to try to change your ways? In groups we explore how we can define and apply our best values in our ordinary workplace and community.


Hannah holds conversation circles in small groups to share our goals, stories and ideas for how we best work together, create solutions and improve both in our own lives and in the lives of others.


Price: The first meeting is for free, after that the price for each participant is 20 USD for two hours, depending on location, or a project price for a series upon request for an organization.

Hannah Telluselle
Find your inspiration 


Want some inspiration and get a new point of view? Hannah holds speeches on a variety of themes from her books with examples as a workshop, or like a lecture, with more or less theory as desired.


Her topics are: Motivation and Change, Creative Writing, Find your true Identity, Sustainability for our society, Aloha in Hawaii, and Culture and Communication. 

Price: It costs 100 USD per hour together with a reimbursement for travel expenses and rent of venue as agreed upon. 



Hannah Telluselle is known for being easy to talk to, with her honest approach and non-judgmental heart. Former customers include unemployed workers in a EU-subsidised project, middle-managers, creative solopreneurs, Internationals through MeetUp and more. With the equivalent of a Master's degree in Workscience with competence development, she focuses on leading change, culture and communication to a higher awareness of motivation and creating a positive work-environment. She follows the ethical guidelines by ICF.

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