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Each experience in life can be seen as a lesson. Hannah believes in sharing our actual insights from our inner and outer journeys. We learn, grow and heal through reflecting on the meetings we have with other people, including our random encounters that can be perceived as serendipities, which enable us to feel confirmed by faith and live with more authenticity and compassion in our interactions. Here are some of her real life examples in Sweden and Hawaii: 


The Call for Divine Mothering ~ applying the keys to paradise ~

Upon her mother's passing, she made an inner and outer journey to Hawaii from Sweden, to reclaim her passion and femininity. Here, Hannah found a lost connection to her inner child, extending her sense of daughterhood to the one as a member of society with grace, with Mother Earth as the ultimate mother. In The Call for Divine Mothering, she recaptures pivotal moments in meetings, and their bearing of her understanding of love. What is love? In this book, you'll receive 22 keys to make your own definition, in your own relationships. 

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The Call for Divine Fathering ~ flying with the feathers of the eagle ~

How is it to become incarcerated by ICE? Hannah Telluselle was a graduate student, whose visa was questioned. After not being able to study full time, she became detained in Honolulu, HI together with regular American inmates. Here is her documentary story, the other inmates' stories, and her journey to heal her masculine aspects and issues of authority. In this book you will receive lots of examples of immigration dilemmas in the paradox of the United States, as well as personal insights about the male aspects of life. The immigrant stories have also been submitted as witness testimonies to the UNOHCHR.

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(Work in progress)

The Call for Divine Harmony ~ finding pearls of wisdom  ~

How can we better live in harmony with both our sides; darkness and light, femininity and masculinity, heaven and earth? In this book Hannah aims to present the necessary third aspect, the agent that creates the blend: Our inner child integrated, whole, and self-realised. She also shares her pearls of wisdom that are necessary for a good relationship to form and grow with.

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