Each experience in life can be seen as a lesson. I'd like to share my insights from my inner and outer journeys from Sweden and Hawaii. I believe we learn, grow and heal through reflecting on the meetings we have with other people, including our random encounters that can be perceived as serendipities, which enable us to feel confirmed by faith and live with more authenticity and compassion in our interactions. Here are some of my real life examples: 

The Call for Divine Harmony

How can we better live in harmony with both our sides; darkness and light, femininity and masculinity, heaven and earth like brothers and sisters, adults and kids in relation to Mother Nature? In this book I will present the necessary integration of a third aspect, the stance that is always diplomatic, the light, the truth and the way to solve problems. It can be aiding us in healing our heart, body, mind and spirit, with our souls and personality, which enable us to find a sense of unity, where peace becomes the result of war, as true children of the land. Healing with the ocean. Having dialogues. Here are my pearls of wisdom.


(Work in progress)

Finding love through grief: 

~ create beauty between people ~

What is love? Read more about my inner and outer journey from Sweden to Hawaii, with its blessed encounters, and create your own definitions with examples.

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Finding safety through power:

~ care for yourself, other and earth ~

How is it to become incarcerated in Hawaii by ICE? Read my story, and the stories of other immigrants and regular inmates, and develop your own authority.

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Finding balance through trust:

 ~ share pearls of wisdom ~


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