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By using water, fire, earth and air as sources of inspiration for motions and understanding how to create harmony through movement, we can express our souls and share stories with our bodies as the instrument. This restores a healthy balance for our mind, body and spirit. Hawaiian Hula stems from the heart, and Isadora Duncan emanates from the solar plexus.







Hawaiian Hula solo performances and workshops


* Express Yourself Poetry night at Inkonst in Malmö, Sweden 2005

* Hula audition at Floorfiller on TV3 in Malmö, Sweden

* Private parties for birthdays (in pair) and Bachelor/ette's in Skåne, Sweden 2006-07

* Culture Day in Lund; Sweden 2007

* Dansstudion No1, Forum and Procivitas High school in Malmö, Sweden 2005-07

* Sweden's Got Talent on TV4 2007

* Debaser in Malmö, Sweden 2008

* Own introductory classes at Ungdomens Hus in Malmö, Sweden 2008 

* Womens' workshop for Möllevångsgruppen in Malmö, Sweden 2009

* Unity Church of Hawaii for Christmas and Easter (group) in Honolulu, HI 2011

* X-Cons Freezon event for women in Stockholm, Sweden 2014

* Birthday party in Stockholm, Sweden 2014

* Ballet Academy Open stage in Stockholm, Sweden 2015

* Own introductory classes at Engelbrektshallen in Stockholm, Sweden 2017


Hannah shows both traditional Hula 'Auana as taught by Kumus and self-made Hula-inspired choreographies to Swedish folksongs, psalms and melodies with spiritual nature-based themes. Since moving back to Europe, she is also practicing Isadora Duncan dancing.


Download Hannah Telluselle's dance-resumé here


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