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Living our best life

There is a difference between going after someone who has done you harm, and stopping that person to live a good life. A good life includes having a home, an income, and something meaningful to do, while also being able to express your passion and feel included in your circle of friends. And at best, also to have your own family.

I feel like I have been stopped from having this, for decades. I even have wished the Swedish stalking man to find someone to get married to and have a good job. To me, if he had that, or at least a fulfilling leisure time, he wouldn't chase me. Isn't he worthy of someone loving him back? Of course he is. I don't.

As a comparison of the accusations against me, I feel rather that the woman in question, seems to not want me to have a good life, to have SUCCESS, as in having many followers and readers, being able to build my organic wellness center and lead a healthy lifestyle. All things, she has, but seems to think that she is entitled to, at my expense. I do believe in abundance, but at the same time, the survival of the fittest still rules with scarcity or even a limited space. But, I don't want her things, I want my own, at my level. This is a matter of rights vs justice. One would think they go hand in hand, but after these recent years, it seems more and more like they are two opposing forces.

All I know is, when you can wish others genuinely well, you also should be allowed to have the same.

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