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Tarot and Christianity?

I just started laying cards again, after not having done that for years. I have some ground-rules, which is to only do it for my own inspiration towards personal growth. The most fascinating thing started happening. I shuffle the cards several times, and in several ways, then draw one. Almost every time, these past couple of weeks, the same card has shown several days in a row! Talk about having spiritual helpers :-) This particular one, has to do with passing forth our wisdom as sages.

It’s important to honor the Bible, when one is pronounced Christian, which I do. What this means here, is for example to not rely on fortune tellers with their cards. To not put power onto cards (or any other things) but into your connection with the Divine, with God and your Higher Self. Likewise, it’s my experience that having someone else tell you what to do, or even worse, "what is going to happen”, is to be avoided at all times. What you can do, however, is to use cards for your own inspiration and guidance of your own journey in life. To see which milestone you are at, in your own journey, in a particular area of life, or generally.

I used to do readings for others for a short while, but soon felt awkward about others’ immersed beliefs in those readings, and in my power. It became a sense of validating victimhood rather than empowerment. We must pray to God instead. It’s a matter of taking responsibility for our own free will and to always have this in mind, in heart, in spirit. To rather see where one is, where one is heading, and if this is the desired outcome; to enable a better choosing and decision making. Therefore, use cards only for yourself.

The book "Medicine Woman Inner Guidebook", and its deck of cards, has been my inspiration, since the mid-90’s. I especially like how the illustrations show Native Hawaiian people, where I ended up going, without reflecting on the resemblance until after. A source of wisdom than became real. A source of indigenous wisdom that I have longed for since my teenage years, when I was an avid horseback rider, one with the horse, like this.

Naturally, I have also used cards for animal symbolism and still use sometimes for angels.

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