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What kind of world do we want to live in?

I think we live in a good world, it's just that we don't treat it like that, or one another, well. There is so much beauty everywhere, both in nature and what we have built. Are you grateful for for what you have? Or willing to change what you have or how you feel about it, so you can be grateful?

Don't we have access to the best resources already? To the crops of food, to springs for water and animals to farm? Don't we already have the knowledge we need to assure that everybody's needs can be met? Let each person have their own home. Let those who can work do so.

We can't plan anything, that is the real secret. Because of our own interdependence, because of what you say or do that affects others and because of what the climate we live in, dictate. But you can show that you care by meeting others half-way with genuine respect. With open mind and heart, with full presence. And by always focusing on creating a solution that is directly applicable. Engage in conversations that focus on creating methods and solutions, examples and improvements. Not just for likes, but to get things done!

What would you loose to let another person do his or her best? Nothing probably. Yet, it is this that stands in the way, besides our health. What if that is the key to a better health? To let everybody be at their best. So, what can you do? Do you have a phone or computer that works? Can you contact someone today?

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