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Live Aloha!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

While I was living in Hawaii 2004-2005 and 2010-12, one of the most important gifts I received was learning about and embodying the Sacred Feminine in terms of sincere Compassion carried out in our daily lives. This loving-kindness is often referred to as the Aloha-spirit or Living Aloha. The word Aloha can be defined like this:

Aloha is to “Joyfully share breath“, which means that every time we greet one another with an “Aloha!“, we acknowledge our very human existence with respect. Aloha can also be defined as an acronym where each letter stands for a word:

A – ala – watchful, alertness L – lokahi – creative harmony from diversity O – oia’i’o – truthful honesty H – ha’aha’a – humility A – ahonui – patient perseverance

With this foundation paired with living on an island far away, the Hawaiians have developed a care-taking to embrace all with a shared responsibility towards oneself, others and the land. So, how do we live Aloha? Here are some examples:

* Offering your help to carry someone else’s heavy load * Smile and greet all people you meet; friends and strangers alike * Allow someone to cut in line in front of you * Open the door for someone else * Respect and value the wisdom of the elderly * Recycle, don’t litter and leave the place nicer than when you got there * Express gratitude towards the land for the food and be moderate * Solve conflicts as soon as possible with equally respected dialogs perhaps with a mediator present * Walk softly and never remove any rocks because you don’t know which ancestor lies buried there * Bring food to those who need it and always share yours * Offer your seat to someone else on the bus * Don’t hesitate to give someone a compliment or start chatting with a stranger at the bus-stop or in the elevator * Be generous with your time * Help when you can * Buy local to ensure sustainability

Is it possible to conduct ourselves this way in other places than Hawaii to elevate the feeling of integration, belonging, validation and safety? To apply compassion in action, not just by being nice in order to be polite, but to meet and greet other people, both friends and strangers, with an open heart and positive attitude and a sincere sense of being of service with generosity and hospitality coming from the heart. Try for yourself!

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