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Dancing freedom

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Thanks to a generous grant from the Swedish House of Nobility, at least my summers have given me some much needed rest and recuperation, not without dismay the rest of the year, but all worth it, I hope! In summer 2015, I attended the International conference for Dance History Scholars in Athens, Greece where I got to learn more about Isadora Duncan and their foundation.

Here is Lori Belilove, one of the world's greatest interpreters of Isadora Duncan, whom I listened to and danced for in her workshop, as well as briefly mentioned to, that I want to start Telluselle Living Center. It would be so awesome and in alignment with both how Hawaiian Hula and Qigong is transferring the knowledge through generations of authentic students, to have Isadora Duncan dance, also be part of Telluselle Living Center!

She asked me first if I had ever considered started teaching and invited me to her teacher training courses in New York City that fall. And I could just begin teach little girls... what a joy and dream come true that could be! Hence sharing about TLC. I hadn't considered it, more than wishing with my whole heart and soul that I would have gotten to know Kathleen Quinlan and learn this style when I lived in Stockholm in the 90's. How I could have become a member of their dance-company back then perhaps!

I can still dance and let girls remain happy little girls with me, so maybe I should?

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