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Armored with the right attitude

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Part of how we express ourselves is what we choose to wear, especially on stage where we step into a role of a sort and try to forward a feeling to the audience, while also providing it with a sense of aesthetic backdrop as a uniform. What we wear affects how we feel and how we move.

Both in Hawaiian Hula and Isadora Duncan there is a tradition and protocol that together with the choreographies and music becomes part of the whole experience. When comparing with Modern it directly changes the impression when there is no flowing tunics or dresses, but rather black leggings. The common way is to go from Duncan to Modern, but what would happen if it went the other direction, or focused on the motions in common with Hula? That is something I am exploring as I see how I can embody and re-enact themes of nature as opposed to be in response to and be in dialogue with.

Personally, especially since working in a clothing store in my early 20's, I have developed a sense of style that I enjoy wearing adapted to climate and place, learning how to coordinate and carry myself from French women. Did you know that clothes also carry energy just like its bearer? In other words, certain clothing items bought in Greece and Portugal will radiate differently from those in Sweden changing an impression and protection, so also with type of fabric, colors, quality, size, cut and fitting. Something that I am grateful to receive new.

Photo showing a Hawaiian dress that I use for Hula, bought from the Aloha Outlet store in Honolulu.

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