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Book number one: Storytelling about my life and my meetings

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

The purpose of my book "The Call for Divine Mothering" is to share how I have applied various healing modalities to recover from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome with Qigong, Yoga, Soul retrivals, Coaching, Lomilomi, African dance and Hula together with the therapeutic essence of writing, while also inviting  others to feel inspired to look at their own lives with a new set of eyes and for us collectively to practice and exemplify the ingredients to love our neighbors, like we love ourselves, by our own experiences.

I found my understanding through my Master’s degree in Workscience (Behavioral sciences with Competence development and Sociology) and Organizational Change (Culture and Leadership) and my writing is done in Copywriting style, based on my diploma and many years of workexperience as such.

Much of my inspiration has come from Paulo Coelho’s “Alchemist” and Lifecoach Cheryl Richardson, especially "The Unmistakable Touch of Grace", which enabled me to look at life from more positive perspectives, alongside other authors as mentioned and of course my own reflections, insights and inner and outer journeys.

This has enabled me to apply what I had been taught onto my own life, as I set out to redefine myself upon finishing my new university degree and upon the passing of my mother in 2004.

I hope you want to share your own story and hear others tell theirs too, together in my led conversation circles at Telluselle Living Center and elsewhere. Here you will also find different practices to reconnect with and celebrate Mother Earth that will be shared in my third book; “The Call for Divine Harmony - collecting pearls of wisom” where I have gotten to know more about Isadora Duncan dance and truly found how to live my passion, while healing with the ocean.

When I wrote the first edition called “The Keys to Paradise” in Swedish 2007-08, it was to share how I had learned to recognize the grace and hidden blessings that became encouraging lifelessons in our meetings with others, especially through serendipity, found in Hawaii where I stayed first for three weeks in September 2004, then between December 2004 and May 2005 to study at Hawaii Pacific University and then a vacation for a week in October 2005. In 2009-10 I translated and edited the book into English with a new title: “The Call for Divine Mothering” and filled it with more current meetings based on my next longer stay in Honolulu beginning in January 2010 until I was forced to leave in July 2012.

Meeting ourselves, others and earth to show more care in mindful presence.

You can find my latest edition done through Create Space on Amazon worldwide and all their membership sites, stores and libraries! It is such an amazing feeling to be global.  And of course you get a special discount if you order it directly from me!

My hope is that "The Keys to Paradise" - section will be used in bookcircles for coaching conversations. Share your ideal reception, experience and opinion in your own journal and with others, for you to explore ways and discover your own journey towards healing and growth. 

And don't forget to sign up for my free newsletter to receive tips on dealing with the negative emotions standing in your way. Just fill out the form on my contact-page. Enjoy!

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