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The purpose of our soul

Most people live according to their personality but some of us have lived according to our soul in order to find the right path for us to continue, to heal, to reclaim, and to grow a message of love through the way we walk here on Earth. I believe the soul continues when we pass on and when it has finished healing it will no longer keep its presence on Earth in human form. It should probably be a sense of relief, as if we would reach a Nirvana or a Paradise, but I hope the real Paradise is to be created on Earth where we share and decide how life should look like for everybody to participate in. Why would anybody want to leave something unfulfilled? 'Tis it's not just the grief we think of, that the loved ones feel when someone left us, but there is a grief of the soul who became obstructed by people (and perhaps demons) in fulfilling its promise to create Paradise together. Grieving that life didn't turn out the way it could have been.

My own mother Rose-Marie shared quite some resemblances with Isadora Duncan herself, just like I feel I could have been Isadora Duncan's own daughter, soul later turning into Anne Frank (attracting others who held pieces), which perhaps would explain many things for you, if you dare to believe in a greater picture than the one your own Ego holds or simply having been affected by. Yet I had never learned anything about Isadora Duncan when I lived in Hawaii, nor danced any of her dances until I came to Stockholm (giving me clues along the way for example with my fascination of different colored scarves that I loved wearing, choosing different most days of the week in my 30's and nearly drowning at the age of 5 like her children and quite the scare that time when my skirt got caught in the wheels of my bike and another time my white winter coat got caught in the car door as an adult). I am pretty sure I would have started this style if I had gone to San Francisco as planned from the beginning, or even if I had moved back to Stockholm in 1998 when I thought I was going to, yet Isadora finds me and inspires my motions combining soul and personality on stage both for Hawaiian Hula and Isadora Duncan dancing.

So what do we do with this knowledge? We grieve and we pass it forward. We try again to fulfil that which wasn't, continuing our strive towards Peace, Love and Justice. Perhaps simply through a dance.

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