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An interview with myself

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

(For any magazine to use freely:)

What is the purpose of my writing?

To improve the world! To share the truth with real life examples because all people deserve to be seen and acknowledged for their contribution to fostering a better understanding of ourselves and our relationships, our society.

How do I get inspired?

Nature herself of course with his shine making us see her beauty will always be the best source for our healing and inspiration. Other than that I think people in general are inspiring! I believe everybody has an interesting story or an important opinion to share based on their own experience. My flow becomes better with my passion, my dancing.

What kind of art do I prefer? Simplistic design with defined forms and texture. Portraits preferably in black and white. Miro and Giacometti. Shapes.... Collages with short messages in combination with painted color. Music without lyrics (since I'm surrounded by words) or in Hawaiian, such as smooth lounge and jazz, positive classical and slack key guitar.

Which kind of clothes do I prefer to wear - what is my style? I have always admired how French women carry themselves and being chic, so that is something I have tried to do too, because of some of my heritage. Other than that I like to color-coordinate, preferably with two colors with the add of an extra for a splash to spice it up especially in interior design, or mix two fabrics, and even better if the whole outfit isn't bought in the same store so I can add my own personality and taste to it. The most important thing is always the fit, not just choosing the right size but also how it is cut. I learned a lot about styling when I worked at a women's store called Flash clothing in my early 20's where I also had fun decorating store windows. In my 30's I was super inspired by the TV-show "Sex and the City" and wore lots of vintage. Now that I am in my mid-40's I try to think of not having too short skirts. I love wearing Swedish clogs since it both covers up my big bunjons and gives me height without having to walk on heels, which used to be how I was recognized and complimented by "strangers" in Honolulu, making them attractive for others to also buy. But walking on heels is something that has become so much more easy now since I started dancing Duncan where we practice walking on relevé a lot! The best thing about being in the mid-40's is feeling comfortable in my own skin and being less afraid of feeling attractive. Something that I have noticed is trendy right now is choosing statements to wear on a T-shirt - fitting for me too perhaps!

Why do I eat glutenfree and what do I think is healthy food? To me, good health is everything. Today I tried pasta made of Mungbeans for the first time together with organic broccoli and tomatoes (and some oliveoil and herbs). I started eating glutenfree 2008 after many years of bouts of stomach issues, making me loose weight and feeling stressed out. Changing diet enabled me to simply feel overall better, gain strength, including improving my skin and my stresslevel and less...en mood swings. A healthy meal to me consists of equal measures of carbohydrates, protein and veggies/fruits together with clean water or a glass of OJ (no concentrate) especially good to have together with a piece of salmon since this aids my digestion. I eat mostly vegetarian and fish (minus egg and dairy unless lactose free too or just sometimes) ingredients, herbal or green tea and prefer simplicity without any sauces. Most of all I like eating without stress and don't forget the semi-dark chocolate that is a must every day.

How do I live eco-friendly?

I choose eco-friendly products over "regular" as much as I can afford to, especially fresh produce. In Sweden where we have recycle-stations I also sort through my trash before throwing it away, so it goes to the right bin - for example glass in one, empty carts in one, old newspapers in another. When I shop for clothes I like to think of both wearing natural material and choose a style that is versatile enough to be in my own combinations. Most of all I appreciate nature every day and make sure I feel connected to plants, trees and animals so I can be in tune with the weather, ie the basis of our climate and its changes including wind and water.

What did I learn from performing Hula at "Swedish TV4's Got Talent" in 2007? That the performance experience itself was a bit cruel, it was way too cold in the waiting area all day before the show started in front of 1,5 million live viewers and of course I got really bummed out from not being allowed to show my whole routine, which in fact was timed to fit in the alloted 2 min or so and because of getting the invite through audition. Not to mention the overwhelming bullying ...that came afterwards, mostly on YouTube with lots of negative and hateful comments and a couple of emails and a stalker. But! I can also honestly say that I should have worn another dress and not think so much about what the audience would want to "buy" and follow Hawaiian Hula protocol more. And of course, just continue practicing. So glad and proud that I was able to return to Honolulu, find my old Kumu in 2010, whom I also had chatted with online after it happened and that I got to continue practicing more Hula in an even better setting accompanied with learning more about Hawaiian traditions. And do a little performance at Unity Church in 2011!

How did I start working as a Lifecoach?

During my education at Malmö University, I started coaching in 2002 for free with a couple of clients just to practice my interview technique together with some assessment tools, that I also came up with myself with good results and break-throughs for my clients. I got some really good help and coaching through "Drivhuset"; an incubator for student entreprenurs where I received designer assistance to do my first webpage and got to hold an inspirational lecture the year after. The university also developed night classes according to the research I had done, including using "Co-Active Coaching". Through that I got my first paid assignment as a Professional Lifecoach in 2004. I prefer to work with solopreneurs or people with a second coming at a new career as my clients but most of all I think the need is inside organizations where the employees will benefit from feeling more in tune with their own passion and align their skills and tasks in a way that makes their job feel fulfilling. I also recently started using MeetUps for small group gatherings. It is all about the client being ready to change and take more responsibility for his or her life.

Who and what inspired me?

I went through a crisis in 1995 when I discovered the book "You can heal your life" by Louise Hay and "Creative visualizations by Shakti Gawain that I delved into. Another couple of years later in 1998 when I got tired of the climate in the advertising business and was unemployed for a while, I decided that I wanted to promote and enable people to grow rather than just products and discovered Lifecoaching through the Oprah show through which I read books by Laura Berman Fortgang, Debbie Ford and most of all Cheryl Richardson who has been a little like my rolemodel. During my education at Malmö University in Sweden, I studied the works of Thomas Leonard who is called one of the founding fathers of coaching, as well as "Change as a constant" and Leadership among a variety of Human Resource Management tools. Then in 2005 I turned towards Wayne Dyer and "The Power of Intention" that I have a lot of fun practicising with including getting to listen to one of his lectures right before its release in Honolulu, only to also check back with The Bible.

What is the purpose of my work?

To lift up and provide tools for people to improve their lives and especially how we treat ourselves, others and Mother Earth. I have always been good at encouraging and inspiring others. It is all in how we choose to look at life, finding magic in the moments when we feel connected to the whole or experiencing love and beauty, or realizing new things through our interactions - something that we later can share through our storytelling or by using metaphors to put our point across.

How am I to work with?

Awesome I think ;-). I give my colleagues freedom to contribute their own ideas and opinions and can both lead presentations and take a stand in the back. In fact, I expect that the people that I work with are better than me at their own specialty so we can create even greater things together.

What did I learn from my university education in the United States?

Going to Hawaii Pacific University for a Master's degree was awesome in the way that I got to meet so many people from different countries, who just like me also have worked for a while, learning to put personal development into an organizational context. The teachers I had both in 2005 and in 2010 were very knowledgeable and up to speed. It was very unfortunate that the administrative hassle made it impossible for me to continue. The actual knowledge I am taking with me is a deeper understanding of the implications organizational culture have on our behavior as employees and leaders in the midst of national and community changes including the inventions that have an impact in our society. It fits me well together with my experience and interest in trends and marketing conceptual developments.

What is my specialty area?

Motivation and cultural identity is what interests me the most; how we behave and relate accordingly. It is quite easy if we choose to see the importance of our needs, how they are cared for or not and of course most importantly if we allow others to be self-actualized, happy and share that rather than have it taken by others. Change leaders such as highly appointed managers in society who have humble maturity can benefit from from my consultancy in communication and staff development.

What does having Post traumatic stress disorder mean to me?

I have had symptoms of PTSD since I was nine years old that I have also healed parts of. It means that I am more sensitive than others because I have to deal with both the daily stressors and others' attacks against me and the ones that are founded in past harm which both grows when I am being obstructed from taking good care of my health and be part of society in full when I can. A lot of the processing of consequences others have put me under takes a lot of energy together with many rich experiences that at times can make me feel overwhelmed. There is a difference between coping and living with joy and naturally I am against all power-play destroying the latter. I believe there is enough abundance available for all to share and have their own place in the world wherever we are welcome and choose to live. A good home is everything to me.

How about my family life?

I grew up with my mother, father and brother until their divorce in my teens. I'm glad that I was able to remain in contact with my brother who lives in Switzerland during my enitre immigration detention in the US. Because of being forced to move around a lot, I haven't been able to settle down and have my own family yet, something I planned of having in the US, but I am sure that eventually when enough obstacles have been removed, that path will show itself and we'll meet and get married. The good news is that I feel experienced and old enough to know what I prefer, for example making a difference between who might be an attractive catch but not the best friend that last longer.

What is the difference between dating American and Swedish men?

Actually, I think Swedish men are a whole lot better in bed with more foreplay (but sometimes too much) and less performance anxiety, but Americans are awesome at courting and making me feel worthy as a woman!

What is my ambition? I still would like to start up Telluselle Living Center in a park accessible to people in a city and hold conversation circles and coaching sessions one-on-one which it seems that this world needs a whole lot more, while being able to dance every day, especially now that I have found the Isadora Duncan style that I love! People tend to think reading a book and then copying it, is enough instead of daring to dwelve into their own inner joy and passion to find their mission and purpose in life when the real magic happens in our conversations with others when they are open, honest and positive with respect. I also hope on a more community-level that more people vote in the United States now that the next presedential election is coming up soon, including former federal inmates who used to have lost their rights to before. I see it being changed in some states so at least to the next term, it should empower those ready to change even more and thereto become more encouraged to contribute to a better society - something I am proud of lobbying for through my copywriting and comments.

What is the difference between my book "The Call for Divine Mothering" and for example Yogagirl's book?

My story has a theme of discovering the interconnectedness between how women have been treated in comparison to Mother Earth (eco-feminism) and most of all, I share lots of examples of virtues that I learned more about through the conversations I have had with former classmates, colleagues, boyfriends and others I have met on my quest to find love.

And what about the difference between my book "The Call for Divine Fathering" and the TV-series "Orange is the New Black"?

They don't discuss past sexual offenses, and the need to feel safe with men by men, and of course none of the original characters in OITNB are held for immigration only. It's a lot more fun to have some of my blog content featured in Hawaii Five-O because they don't belittle it as much.

Finally, my third book, how is that coming along?

I base this personal writing on my own experiences as autobiographical, adapted to the time and society we live in with the hope to be a good example of how to apply various teachings and thoughts. This third book is going to be more of a "how to" of my own, extending it to healthy practices both for ourselves and our environment. My books write themselves...

This interview may be published for free in any magazine, part or in whole about me. For submitting your own questions and receive photos please contact me at and follow my daily updates on and

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