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Lifecoaching - a success story

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Starting 2002 and during 2003 I coached the office manager and one of his employees at the department for networking with society at Malmö University for free to try and develop my skills. (I later was able to get paid as a coach in 2004 and forward upon attending newly instated classes in conversation technique). 

Petra had expressed concern about how to deal with a divorce since she felt like her ex-husband didn't always show up to take care of their kids according to their custody agreement. During the months I held coaching conversations with her, she soon was able to define the real problem as not feeling respected in her house and wanting to move. Since it had been the same house she used to live in with her former husband, he treated it, and her, as open to come and go to, with little consideration of her and her kids time. After talking to me, she managed to find another home, buy it, sell her old and move, which in turn made it possible for her to also see a change in her relationship with her ex.

A professional Lifecoach is by nature not your friend but rather a person you have no attachment to, which also enables you to not feeling like you have to maintain a relationship or be dependent on how much pleasing you may or may not have to do otherwise. This in combination with our natural willingness to show support, genuine interest and curiosity brings forth an open mind with focus on offering tools and insights to learn how to work in the process of personal growth, with tangible results.

Naturally, we too must have our own coaches at times, which I have had. This together with the opportunity to research, study, read and apply various teachings have made it possible for me to also find my own answers within and continue the movement others started, such as presenting the American coaching industry with a comparison to the Socratic dialogue and be part of introducing it to Sweden after suggesting a similar career center in Malmö as the one I visited in NYC with an adapted plan, whereupon the Swedish state used it for its job-agencies (although without my permission or participation), living by and using Happiness is a choice in our outlook on life, and daring to use "we" in affirmations in order to foster a sense of prosperity for our community as a whole, as practiced at Unity Church of Hawaii in 2011. Yet, seeing it spread also is a success.

What kind of success would you like to create together with me or in a group? Join me here.

Photo courtesy of Malmö University.

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