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Stepping it up: why dancing Hawaiian Hula enabled me a breakthrough for Isadora Duncan

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Droopy elbows, looking too much at others and spreading my fingers. Not to mention I never bent my knees deep enough into plié throughout my dancing when it comes to Jazz choreographies.

By learning how to dance Hawaiian Hula I realigned myself into a sense of trust, a sense of connection within the group and most of all a sense of connecting with nature and myself within, doing the motions in harmony to a new kind of music for me. Feeling pretty in skirt or dresses with a flower in my hair. 

Improvising a moment of joy, picking up flowers from the ground and tossing them up just to always remember to practice detachment. 

Then focusing on looking at my hands and the direction towards them, allowed me to soften and soon I could move with more grace, evolving into dancing Isadora Duncan. Twirling silk. Being a woman again. 

After years of none, I can practice standing high on relevé without a budge and my attitude becomes what it once was again, even being able to do a small real jeté, careful about my knee.

Soon my ability, grew to take it all out from within, each motion growing from center, expressing rather than just holding and by this I free my spirit. Dancing it, dancing with the angels, being it. Relaxing into the music. Letting it carry us. Then taking it all barefoot outside... and everything becomes beauty into play.

And creating space to improve.

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