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Faces of love

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

One of my MeetUps went well today, with two beautiful internationals joining me for a workshop in Hawaiian Hula. So glad I found this affordable place downtown Stockholm to practice in!

I presented the basic steps, music and a simple choreography that I have made myself to a Hawaiian song with English lyrics that we all tried after a short warm up and walking across the floor.

What is special with Hula, is the connection it creates through the activation of our life light, the light we carry within our hearts, that enable us to be light towards ourselves and others. It is by practicing Hawaiian Hula, we become more in tune with the rhythm of the ocean and earth through the stories we tell and thus anchored in the universal love, place and history that we can forward as generosity, as aloha. It can change a room.

Would you like to try? Sign up here.

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