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Book number two: Treated like a terrorist and a witness for Human Rights

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Are all international students in the United States considered potential terrorists? During the last decade it seems like how we have been treated by Department of Homeland Security, ie Immigration Customs Enforcement, since 9/11. Now, it's time to change! ICE detains all immigrants they find reason to deport, or make reasons to, "at their discretion". Unfortunately, with my own family history as a Holocaust survivor through my maternal grandmother, my own experience being detained, felt too close to become a repeat of WWII, so I reported it to the UNOHCHR, which I decided to do directly when I was put in the SHU and the prison refused giving me glutenfree food.

The UNOHCHR investigated and followed up with other interviews in 2014-16, and made a recommendation that United States should abolish arbitrary detentions of immigrants.

Did everybody featured in this book, understand it would become presented this way? Probably not. But everybody I talked to, was made aware that I intended to write one. And, I am eternally grateful for the trust and honesty the majority of these women, and some guards, showed me, as well as inspired my own betterment.

Buy it here! Available in both paperback and on Kindle in an edited and revised new edition.

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