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The right to redact

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

With all the infringements I have faced, I can't tell you how thrilled I was to learn how to block certain countries or allow certain access to my Facebook pages! But the question is, why should a whole country be blocked from reading what I am sharing just because of one or a couple of persons of my own nationality distorting, paraphrasing and copying my content? Not to mention stalking me and slandering me. When do we have the right to censor someone?

Everything we communicate can only be understood when the context and culture is taken into account alongside the knowledge we already possess about a certain topic. This becomes the foundation of our opinion together with our own personal experiences (part of our knowledge). Things taken out of context creates un-necessary misunderstandings, misinterpretations and at its worst becomes the foundation for escalating conflicts.

When I write, I have a certain type of audience - customers - in mind. This is the way of a professional copywriter. My main target group are people who likes to "pass it forward" (do good deeds), who are into coaching and curious about unlayering their own lifejourney for a sense of serendipity, feeling the gratitude that comes along the discovery of how Divine laws operate in their own daily lives and hopefully share their own true life-stories. Finding these examples throughout our encounters, create a certain sense of purpose when we see the red thread, which alleviates us from feeling stuck and instead grow in our motivation to pursue our passion. This is my thing.

I have chosen United States as my primary arena where this already is accepted and where I can blend in and share my own findings with those before me and those coming after. All within the same type of mindset. With this also comes the right to exclude those who refuse to acknowledge not only me as the source of my own writing but also my own references, as well as for theirs. Nothing is for free in this world!

Applying new knowledge is essential to see if we can hold it as our own truth. It is my ambition and contribution to inspire others to also share their own lessons and blessings, from coaching for example or while seeking faith in the natural course of things.

Choose what you write and to whom. But most of all why. The intention behind our words can also be perceived by the reader - don't keep him or her in the dark. Share what you want freely. 

I simply want you to buy my books and comment. It would also be great if you want to try a coaching session or series. And listen to me talk about motivation, change and forgiveness. Or perform Hawaiian Hula at a small venue or join me to practice dancing this and Isadora Duncan. Are you an instructor yourself, then perhaps you would like to collaborate on building Telluselle Living Center? 

You are welcome to share all I write and photos anywhere freely, when you do so together with my name. As always.

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