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Updated: Sep 22, 2020

I went to the Royal Library today in Stockholm to research something...

My late mentor Henri and my tribute to him, as seen here in Swedish, published in media magazine Resumé in December 1996. The first part is by his former executive, Jan Cederquist, where Henri started his career. 

Jan wrote something profound (as always): "A text reveals more about the writer than what can be read in the phrases." How I wished back then, to learn how to.

Now I have, I hope.

Find more about this in my book "The Call for Divine Mothering" and my dedication to "The Call for Divine Fathering". And speaking of tomatoes! How good were those cherry tomatoes on the opening of your new firm that we stood and munched on half the night, talking in a corner. Not to mention the quirky post-it note with his fingerprint on (from the thumb of his typewriter), that I received as a greeting when I came to pick up a copy of his and his colleagues' new book about the old advertising campaign strategy of "Avis - we try harder". Henri had French heritage like myself and passed away in a heart-attack after not receiving any help earlier on Nov 30th at the Dr's office in 1996.

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