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Finding our inner goddess

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

When my mother fell ill and my life changed, it became evident to examine, explore and renew my own sense of self. This required me to take a look at my past, to redirect myself according to a purpose that also felt aligned with my faith, while also develop and express myself as a woman more. This has taken me a decade to sort out and to start live by.

In this searching for a stronger female sense of identity, I came across a movement type of group in Sweden but also online, devoting themselves to be like a goddess. However, I soon discovered that it was more like another type of oppression with unspoken but strong peer pressure to look a certain way, such as wearing long vintage dresses and coloring your long hair with henna. This is not to be confused with the good in using this herb to color your hair in a natural and organic way, but that particular color and tone shouldn't be a requisite or it would be even less god-like with even more forced conformity beneath a leader.

To me, my search for femininity has to do with finding something within that enables me to express myself different from just like the set norm in our workplace and society, where women become more like men and men can become less men. Not a good development. I believe that empowering the weaker sex, or rather the weaker individual allows him/her to come up to par on a more equal standing. That is, when the stronger persons stop the abuse.

Is a goddess a woman that lives to please a man in bed? That was also one of their definitions it seemed, which isn't part of my point of view at all, less value. If anything, a woman should rather be catered to, in bed. Then she will always stand by her man's side.

What is then a goddess? In Hawaii the natural powers have been named and tended to like semi-gods, such as Pele, the volcano goddess migrating from Tahiti, who are danced to. Never to evoke but always to calm and respect. As legend has it, some homes will be extinguished and some will be spared. And therefor, we walk softly on earth with careful motions and enjoy life fully while it lasts, surfing on its waves.

Becoming like a goddess, is to realize our own inner power and using it wisely for all, in connection to Mother Earth. For the unity of love to our communities and countries, starting with self. Serving others with love and fairness. This also implies that we have to be able to rely on men.

When a woman feels safe and provided for, her embrace will always take you home.

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