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The red thread

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Is there a common theme in your life, or even an unseen secret plan of a sorts? Making it magic?

In Swedish we refer to being able to follow through in writing with a clearly defined train of thoughts, as "the red thread". Simply put, it's every writer's own leading rope to keep oneself focused through the jungle of words, sidetracks, descriptions, new ideas and perspectives, or when doubt seaps in. We find our way again by returning and focusing on the red thread. What is to be said and why.

When I looked for a correct translation online, I found a fascinating discovery. The phrase "the red thread" comes from the Chinese way of finding and following our destiny towards marriage! Just like I describe my own chain of real life events in life through my books, always making sure that one sentence leads to the next, making it easier to follow. 

It is also why it is so easy for me to detect immediately when someone had gone into my uploaded book manuscripts and changed something behind my back. Or when it's taken out of context and reference. Think about it like this: Each letter forms a word that we use our fingers to create on our keyboard, connecting thought and heart through our hand. Each word put together therefore bears the fingerprint of its writer, making our ways of expression easy to identify, doesn't it ;-)

Both books have now been restored and updated into new editions. Order through me or!

Read more about "The red thread" here.

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