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Isadora Duncan dancing in Germany

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I got to place the stars in the sky this weekend. And dance around the sun from Apollo to Artemis. And play with a scarf! All together with a lovely group of women coming from Greece, France, England and Germany, where we were at. 

Barbara Kane and me

The workshop was held by Barbara Kane (photo) who is in direct lineage to the original Isadora Duncan school, just like Kathleen Quinlan, who lives in Sweden, who first taught me. And part of leading the workshop was Joanna Harris from San Francisco, who held a class in improvisation to play catch…. and freedom by dancing drama. 

It is all intriguing to me, this life of mine, how it all connects together in a large puzzle, perhaps one of those my grandparents used to lay out with a thousand pieces. Places in common, names. Even some of these dance motions are similar to the ones of Hula. Perhaps it is simply the way of the internationals and the power of the myths. One leading to the other and hopefully forward.

Ah, to have these hours. Freedom!

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