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We found love in a hopeless place

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

The goal for all Lifecoaches is to ensure that the client feels empowered to better make decisions, choices and actions that he or she wants and needs. Eventually or even as a born trait, we as coaches develop this skill within our communication and relationships, so that it comes naturally. My gift is that people tend to relax with me and show me their true selves, often empowered to move forward. So also when I was detained in 2011 and 2012 as an immigrant among regular Americans, and wrote about that in "The Call for Divine Fathering" (available worldwide through libraries, Kindle and Amazon).

Here is Jewel's story in the  news and here is a book excerpt with her story in 2012:

We found love in a hopeless place

The best treated inmate was the Prostitute. She told me she didn't even have to have sex with anyone inside; it was enough that many of the officers could assume that they could. This knowledge also enabled her to get what she needed here. But her real gift was to be a Beautician. Jewels did my eyebrows with a thread she pulled from the sheet and French-braided my hair into a headband, making me look nice for a little while when we shared cell in the SHU during spring. She apologized for messing with my food earlier and always shared hers, as well as her story:

- I never fuck a john without clasping my phone in one hand, just in case. I used to have red marks around my wrist from tying the phone band so hard not to lose it. Our pimp also provided us each with a small safe with $1000 and a loaded gun that we kept under our beds. Other than that, it was just a matter of buying killer see-through heels and some tight skirts and walk the streets. I would feel bad if I only made a few hundred so sometimes I would stay out all night, but our pimp never required any certain amount. As long as we could pay rent, me and the two other girls, we were fine. And that is the only reason I started. I just needed a place to stay when I wanted to move out from my parents and I didn't have any other job. I was picked up by an undercover cop one night and got two years, so here I am.

She is your average Hawaiian girl next door in her early twenties with a loud and happy laugh. She never did any drugs and disapprove of those who do. When I told her about how I received help from numerous Oahu churches to pay for my rent at the YWCA, when I ran out of student-loan and had to say no to jobs because HPU didn't endorse my I-20, she said she thinks begging is worse than prostituting herself. I disagreed but it was interesting to get to know her.

We shared cell for a few weeks in the SHU after she and her girlfriend came up having had a fight. In fact, Jewels had tried to kill herself by drinking shampoo and her girlfriend Kirshan had caught her and tried to get her to throw up while taking a bottle of pills herself. She said it was her first time with a girl and was confused about her sexual preferences. With her girlfriend she felt she was loved for who she was for the first time, so letting her have sex with her was easy given her experience. She wants to become a Make-up artist and she promises me to apply for the course when she gets out. I hope she does.

Other inmates on the other hand, did deals with several guards to get what they wanted, or hoped to get what they wanted.


Now Jewel has a child of her own and seem to live a better life in Hawaii.

And here is some music that was often played back then, that I think fits my book well. I hope these women feel empowered by my writing rather than victimized by journalists.

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