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Faith Disciples Center

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Another woman's story that moved me, was the one Amy shared. Here is the news about her. And here is a book excerpt from "The Call for Divine Fathering" about it:

Faith Disciples Center

Amy is a devoted Mormon and is not afraid to tell everyone that she therefore is a better person. I am not so sure I agree. After her trial, the local newspaper Honolulu Star Advertiser wrote about her and although the embezzlement she was charged for wasn't news to me, and in some ways a little understandable because she used the money to pay for her son's schooling, being a single Mom at the time, but the rest of her story appalled me. Something else in the news-article struck a chord deep within because it said that she had lied to her friends and family about having breast-cancer to raise money for the cause, but really to herself.

I felt betrayed myself in some way because my mother passed away from breast-cancer after five years of suffering and it seriously feels very low to abuse real cancer victims for the sake of money. It is not just a question about law, or compassionate excuses to take care of your family and financial needs, but about morale and ethics. But I also know that media sometimes exaggerates or tells only one side of the story. I decided to confront her and she said that's exactly what happened. She had in fact survived breast cancer and had implants. Her son had been only eight years at the time and she didn't want to display her personal medical records since the prosecutor only said it to discredit her and wasn't supposed to be an issue that was tried since that was parallel to her original charge. Her public defender thought that was better.

What should I believe? Who do you believe? Right there I didn't think an attorney would create such a story just to discredit the accused, but later I learned that is exactly how American attorneys work.


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