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Divine Mothering: Leading with compassion

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Here is how my first book "The Call for Divine Mothering" concludes: 

We live in an unfair and cruel world where much injustice is being done whether out of greed, fear and envy or simple ignorance and not knowing better. It is the try to do good and just that is the foundation for being considerate, alongside all the keys to paradise. When we remember to love our neighbor like ourselves with authenticity, we create more harmony on earth. We are all neighbors but start with yourself. When you do, it becomes easier to live more healthy.

Once again you stand in the grocery store, choosing what to buy. What goes through your head? What your upbringing taught you? What you read in a magazine? What your children ask for? What feels forbidden? Or what you have been taught is good for you? How about neither!

Divine Mothering is about caring. It is about caring for you, providing yourself with the oxygen, the nutrition, the sleep, the water, the safety and the love you need so that you can devote yourself to caring for others. Then together we can extend our caring to embrace Earth so that the great mother will continue to give us abundance of renewable resources, just like we in return restore and keep our environment as clean as possible. This is how prosperity becomes, of the care we provided for ourselves and others. One of the best examples is shown through our intuition with inspiration and ideas that are always available for us without having to take from someone else but instead collaborate with synergetic effects when we share our interpretations and add our own suggestions. The clearer our own channel becomes thru our efforts of taking care of our bodies and expanding our compassion, the more divinely connected and inspired we will feel.

It is easy to explain because when we tend to our real needs, our real inner yearning for our own love and acceptance, we discover that our bodies only crave what is truly good for us. And the more taste it acquires for clean, fresh, natural, organic food, the less of anything else will it even consider. When we have what we need, there can also be peace on earth.

When I had returned to Hawaii in 2010, I was part of a guided meditation with Lisa who I was introduced to by Kathy and Melissa from my Hula Halau. Lisa offered spiritual guidance with intuitive readings and cutting cords, while also selling Hawaiian flower essences to promote balance from her home and in Sedona, AZ. She taught me how to use the Divine flame of St Germain to clear karma and once the meditation meeting started, on 9/11, I received a channeled inspiration by Archangel Michael that I wrote down immediately and shared within the group. Tears flowing, but with hope, to share hope and faith:

A new era can begin. What if you changed your basic assumption from being in search for something to fulfill you, to assume being whole and healed, how would that make you feel? What if you changed your basic assumption from fostering a need for defense and instead ground yourself in peace? What could we then create? What types of toys would children living in a world of peace play with?How would you go about your day at work if you had the Human rights as a checklist? What types of TV-shows would there be to encourage, inspire, educate, develop and celebrate a world of love and peace?

We live on a planet rich in abundance with great resources that are more than enough for everybody. Dividing these resources fairly will create a harmony that lasts. 

You are all simple carpenters. The wood is your thoughts and the nails are your feelings. What are you building? Is it a haunted house holding on to the past or a lighthouse embracing the new? What if you made sure there no longer would be any need for terror-attacks to occur? By striving for a fair share of resources, it is possible. What would happen if you placed this great trust in your heart? How would it change what your do, why and how you do it? When you do,you will experience a huge sense of relief and stability.

The way you relate to each other is crucial to the creation of a new era of peace.

Humanity needs to acknowledge that this era is already here, waiting for you to step into. All your decisions must therefore become founded on this standpoint in alignment with peace, as if there would never be another war on the planet. We will see many new great innovations in the next following years. What can you do to contribute to this positive development of the world? How can you improve and invent the way society eat, live, work, travel and learn?

The collective feelings create your society. How can you improve the way you feel?

If you hold on to the past values, it will take you a much greater effort to catch up with the front-runners as they have already started their journey towards the new. Show the new by being the new as if it had already been manifested. It is important to recognize your part in creating a situation (relation) where offenses could happen. It is about taking responsibility for the history to create a better trust. It is time to stop being full of yourselves and stand up for the mistakes that has been made. By taking responsibility for the past we can transform the present into a better future because it shows respect to those we have done wrong to and choosing a more loving and peaceful way of relating, grounded in a trusting attitude towards both ourselves and others; while applying the keys to paradise, starting with respect.

We wouldn't grow and learn if it weren't for other people. I turned to Chris for his perspective when I was going through a rough patch in Hawaii in 2005 and 2010. He had this ability to both challenge and provide me with tough love when needed, as well as be supportive. All to grow a new point of references when I began healing my masculine aspects, continuing to let synchronicity lead the way with its confirmation.

The Holy Spirit never fails to guide us to the right people for our healing and success. Do you recognize the angels you meet and the serendipities you have in your own life? Acknowledge these with appreciation and you too will feel blessed and inspired.

When we share breath, all life is sustained.  

Read the rest of the book to see how I learned this and find your own examples leading to your personal development and expansion of how to love! Find it here.

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