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Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome!

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I was a skinny young teenager with a serious look on my face, as if I already then knew I had lost a part of me. Nonetheless, I loved being on stage and had the best teachers early. One of my Swedish teachers in jazz dance, Eva Jansson (and her following students who also became teachers), has danced for Bob Fosse himself, and another was trained in the Luigi-technique.

One of the dances we did, besides to the "Fame" themesong, was a couple to Cabaret, including one with a chair, looking like this one. The question is, do I still know how to? Now that I am an adult woman secure enough to play with my sexuality on stage...

Here in Frankfurt, it seems like an option to seek out dancing for payment given the neighborhood with such places around Bahnhof, as if taken from the musical itself. What do you think? Not to mention how much I need to practice and improve my own little videos! (The stage showing in photo would be perfect for both performing Hawaiian Hula and Isadora Duncan, at St Mattheus church.)

I also found out that there will be a V-day celebration with the One Billion Rising-dance here too, that is a must!

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