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Following through

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Time management as part of Lifecoaching is about making a plan and sticking to it, while still being open and flexible to what is going on around us and in the society as a whole. Sudden changes by lawmakers, threats by others or even the weather, may force us to postpone or change our entire plan, or of course move elsewhere.

One of the things that came to mind in my own life a couple of weeks ago, was how it feels like many of the things I write down to do in my calendar, such as booked appointments or even certain tasks planned at a certain day and time, seldom seems to become fulfilled. Why is that, even with fun and desired events? It was when I went into a store in Stockholm that I saw a beige sweater that read "wish" on it. Aha! It made me realize something really important: Whenever I write a wish-list, often things I want to buy, I tend to receive most, even in mysterious and unforeseen ways. Just like my to do-lists also work.

Therefore, writing down each scheduled activity must be done as a wish! The lesson is of course to learn how to transform my energy level (my emotional vibration) accordingly to feel it's a wish, also with things that are necessary obligations to make me want them. When has it worked well? Most often when appointments are not being written down, or simply made in person with another, without doing it online or by text, my meetings go well. 

Whether this is a mindful exercise that is to simply improve my own behavioral patterns, or have become the result of the unfortunate continued stalking, slander and sabotage that I've been subjected to for many years, without any help, is to be seen. And sometimes just following through is important in itself.'

How do you use your planner and does it work?

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