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Transforming sadness into gladness

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

Once you have started becoming aware of what you are thinking and how you feel, you might notice more when and what upsets you and why.

It might be what someone says and how. It might be the dread of getting something done. Or it might be the gruesome waiting game that others put you through, stalling your efforts to proceed and move closer to achieving your goals.

The first thing you can do, is getting clear over what you can do, whether it's stepping away and doing something different for a while, practising, or updating your profile online, it gives you back your power and prepares you for a response.

Second, ask yourself what you need to learn. If the approach you're using isn't getting the result you want, try ask someone for help, try the opposite, meditate and sleep on it. Or pray about it! Make sure you also change your perspective (which you can get help with by a therapist, coach or mentor!) to something that makes you feel better and is true.

Third, ask for what you need in an honest way and why. Then know you did what you could. In this you will also get the opportunity to find self-compassion and compassion for the other, which in turn enables the energy to transform into something more uplifting, or even releasing and making room for the emotional outlet that might be needed. Don't store anything in your body because of someone else, let it all out, preferably directly to the person in question, owning how you feel and why as you express yourself verbally, using statements beginning with "I" rather than pointing blame, or simply say it in an empty room. Talking also is use of energy and brings forth our personality, at best with support to be respected for our authenticity, or for you to notice when, where and with who, drags you down or try to make you into someone you are not.

It's all in the language, even in the sound of the words, which holds their own energy vibration. It's why singing and chanting a mantra also can change how we feel. Say it out loud! Then, return to center, to peace.

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