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Am I culturally appropriating Hawaii?

I sincerely hope not. I will always remember a special moving feeling, when I watched Hula being danced in Waikiki, the first time in 2004, and realize that I can learn that. The answer to my yearning towards becoming more feminine, simply presented itself, together with my own passion. I have gone through this process together with Hawaiians, both when it comes to dancing Hawaiian Hula and practicing Ho'oponopono, and feel great sympathy with the exploitation by Hollywood.

In 2007, I received lots of criticism and negative reviews of my Hula, after posting videos of my own choreographies and having performed on Sweden's Got Talent on TV4, for which I have apologized, and later learned more in Hawaii, to improve.

In 2018 or so, it was a group on Facebook expressing their concern about my Ho'oponopono. I have only learnt the real Hawaiian one, by reading Morrnah Simeona. And, I also have a conversation technique and organizational behavior education, that makes me eligible for coaching, in which Ho'oponopono can fit.

Therefore, I have installed certain measures to maintain the integrity of the islands. And myself! I don't call myself, or assume the role of, Kumu, but a student, Haumana, referring to mine. I only share what I've learned there, and not for profit. And finally, my Dad has a PhD in Ethnography, so I have been brought up with a genuine respect for other cultures, for which I'm so grateful!

At Telluselle Living Center, I aim to only have instructors, who either are Native, or direct descendants of a Hawaiian Kumu, a student of. The same applies to the other practices, ie dances, yoga and qigong, which all have to been taught to the instructor, by reference to the US, West Africa, India and China.

I simply want to own a house, where I can be the hostess to all the wonderful practices that have helped heal me, including Lomilomi. And where I can lead conversation circles and coach others towards reaching their goals.

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