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Building with words

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

It's said, that we create our own reality. By that we can understand it as how we perceive our reality, is a personal choice. In the book "The Call for Divine Mothering", I shared a channelled message that I received while meditating with a group of healers in Honolulu 2010. Its message was simply to further the necessity to think about how we build our lives with words. What we say is what we create.

If you talk about how you feel bad, you're going to create that. If you talk about what you want and what makes you happy, you will create that. It's the same thing with what we see. We notice more what we feel ourselves, what corresponds to our own thoughts and words. So, what do you see in others? What does that say about you? And what do they see in you?

I'd like to build positive resolutions, solutions and progress. I like being around people, who have the same interests and ambitions that I have. And a will to create. This is why it sometimes is better to be more alone for a while until you find the right crowd. To not use up energy to explain or defend, but rather use it to create what we want. This starts with not only how we tell our stories, but how we tell others about what we currently are going through. Are you complaining? Then you are creating more of that, which you are complaining about. Are you focusing on what you want? Then you will create that!

Don't know what you want? Contact me for a coaching session and let me help you find out.

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