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Connected through the collective heart

Why is it, that the right people show up, when we need them the most? Is it God, orchestrating from above? It can be. It can also be, that we're simply connected through feeling compassion and therethrough feel the call of others. When we act on this, we realize unity and oneness. And it's also through this, we can connect with animals. All living beings, have a heart.

Debbie Ford put it like this:

"Connected to the collective heart, you can be certain in every cell of your being that you are never alone, and you will experience the grace, guidance, and ease that comes when you are one with all there is."

I understand it as, we're on one hand eligible for the same inspiration and similar impressions through our Higher consciousness, which we access through our spiritual channel; our crown chakras. This may feel like intuition, or an inkling to create something particular, write and share a message, or the like. A way to cultivate knowledge and turn it into wisdom.

The collective heart, is our humanness knowing how vulnerable we are in this world, and how much we need each other to feel safe. This connection and unity, makes for both an ability to embrace our differences. and to see the world through this lens. To see, why and how, people act and behave the way they do, through our ability to feel compassion. Imagine, if the world's leaders and authorities, would govern from this perspective. To feel compassion for oneself, for others and for earth. To care about.

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