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Covid-19: a poem

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Thoughts of our current situation in society.

I see them on TV,

Is that for me?

I see them on the street,

masked like a fleet.

Childhood dreams of Nightingale and Cherry Ames,

have me search for hospital names.

I must do something!

I pick up the phone and ring.

Then the death toll show,

And I don't know.

Should I become a nurse,

or is this God's curse?

Covid-19 is on the horizon,

but all I think of is Tyson.

He took a punch at the feds,

voting without his meds.

How do we live with this scare.

All I know, we must care.

Do better now and here,

And not be ruled by our fear.

To Tina, Tchuß!

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