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Create beauty between people

If you look at the top of my webpage, you see my own little slogan that I use for my concept here: Create beauty between people. I thought I'd explain it a little.

Create beauty between people refers to the synergy that becomes the result of two (or more) people interacting when we meet over borders. When we meet others without prejudice, without expectation and with genuine interest and curiosity for the purpose of helping, encouraging and/or truly meeting with an inherent acknowledgment of each others' value, we create beauty. When we bring loving-kindness into our encounters.

To me, this is most often felt when we randomly reach out to strangers, but it can of course, and should with continuous effort, also permeate our regular meetings. It's something I feel I've been blessed experiencing, especially in the United States. In Hawaii, they call this the Aloha-spirit, which you can read more about here.

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