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Embodying the Divine

We are all mere mortals, searching for meaning and purpose, while displaying our journey towards what we call success. And many are those, who seem to stumble over their emotions and thoughts, letting their spiritual connection, or attunement, rule their interpretation. But, believe it or not, even after all these years of writing, soul searching, and even having had some supernatural experiences, I'm all about the BODY. Physical sensations. Being an instrument. And above all, physical symptoms. When my stomach is calm, I'm calm. That's it. I have no interest what so ever, to try to delve into neither my own psyche, or someone else's, to understand some kind of underlying belief. I want to be able to eat, sleep, socialise, work and dance. That is all.

One of the things I can do, without any "anxiety" (ie upset stomach), is to dance Isadora Duncan. So grateful to have found my source of joy, which was totally unexpected, yet so fulfilling every time. I can even relax sometimes when I dance. Imagine that, all of you who have met me before, seen my stressed out, super talkative self! Perhaps it's all Divinely orchestrated and inspired. What I have learned though is, if it feels good, it's the right thing to do.

Life is simple, yet an art.

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