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Favorite things

Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved having After Eight mint chocolates, especially when served on pears in the oven with whipped cream. It was something I was always allowed to have on my birthday for dessert. Of course, I have kept this tradition, at least with the chocolates and eating them, always feels like a special treat. Guess how happy I was, to be allowed to be their Swedish copywriter! It was at the advertising agency Södergården in Malmö, for Nestlé confectionary to stores. I did their brochures and signs for about a year.

After going to pick up a new ordered printed edition of my book "The Call for Divine Mothering", where I have done some more finetuning, editing, to improve. I had removed a sentence about going out with a girlfriend for Mojito's for my birthday in 2005, in Honolulu. It became wrong with the timeline in the paragraph, but I obviously still enjoy this memory. In the States, Peppermint patties, have of course also struck up a little competition. But, today, I found these in the store! Thank you!

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