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Finding freedom in dancing

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

I've always considered a dance floor to be my ultimate arena for expression. This used to be for mostly pure improvisations, with some cute and trendy moves, growing up to the music of my time. However, learning choreography too in various styles, enabled me to combine control with freedom. What is it then that makes me feel free when I dance?

I think, it has to do with simply being able to take up space literally, to move across the floor with less limitations than in regular interactions with others. With this expansion of self physically, I'm also expanding to make more space for my soul. It has become a way to incorporate my spiritual beliefs into actual steps and motions, symbolising exactly that, or seeking to understand them better.

On another note, I've recently been part of an Isadora Duncan dance workshop through Zoom for four days. It gave me a great opportunity to both realise that I can still move, even though I've grown almost two sizes bigger, except for going down and up from the floor and deep pliés, like I used to. This should be possible to train though. I've also better come to terms with my own limitations, some set on me by others and outer circumstances these last couple of years that I've not wanted and had any control over, but also to see my potential to become an intermediate student again, but not advanced. I also keep in mind that Hawaiians have not always been allowed to dance their Hula. How grateful am I to be able to, especially now when I can smile again! There is a youth striving for excellence, and a middle aged group of women returning to, or to keep, one's knowledge and passion alive. Either way, even with the strongest of held postures, comes a freedom to move forward.

I also now have some new goals with a specific dances to practice. One new for Hawaiian Hula and one for Isadora Duncan...

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