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From dust to dust

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

All my entire life, I have believed that we are made of earth, pieces of Materia, just like plants and animals. The quote from the Bible: "From dust to dust you shall return", so often recited at funerals, confirms this (Eccl. 3). And how we then becomes like fertility for the ground, as we continue in the cycle of life. This is how my grandfather once explained it to me, like a deep sleep for the soul and the rest becoming soil. And this is also how I shared with my mother, how I view death before she passed on. Since she loved sunflowers, I said that I would always think of her when I see a sunflower.

Which signs have you created for your faith? We have certain ones mentioned in the Bible (and other religious books) but by our spirituality we can craft our own, rather than just obey by religion.

Life, creating more life.

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