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Healing vs Coaching

To set limits is part of our scope, and necessary to conduct, as we set out to embark on our new business journey. When I started to offer Lifecoaching, parallel to my university studies 20 years ago, I drew the line of not having any clients on sick leave. This was to avoid coming too close to therapy in our sessions, as well as to keep the focus forward throughout the process. Once can say that therapy is to look backwards, to what has happened and how, to understand how this has shaped us, and then try to improve our behavior, while coaching takes off in the present moment and is more forward oriented in our approach. To heal, is to mend something that is broken, whether literally or emotionally. And while, coaching may have a healing effect when our confidence and self-worth increases, and we have been able to fulfil a goal, or even make a dream come true. To heal, though, isn't the goal of coaching.

However, looking at myself and understanding how I have become a role player in others' dramas, alongside my own physical symptoms and needs, I have also understood that most of us, are in need of healing. From a holistic point of view, I aim to focus on what is already whole and working well, rather than get drawn into an endless analysis, that may produce answers to my own evolution, but not make me happier.

Furthermore, coaching is action-oriented, while healing is feeling-oriented. And most of us feel better when we have taken action.

Read more about coaching vs counselling here.

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