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Learning to soften

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

It felt like I received grace about two weeks ago. I was by all means feeling a bit sentimental like always right before I get my period. I take it, it's my body's sadness over having to let go of an egg that could have become a loved baby. Nonetheless, I am still a fighter but sometimes too much perhaps.

Lori Belilove, dance teacher of Isadora Duncan, started her class by sharing a quote from Isadora herself, about how Isadora had experienced the trees and the ocean dancing with her, on her alone times of play. It touched me, because I have too felt comforted by trees and the ocean, as alive beings. Sometimes I have felt closer to them than to people. How do we express that in our dance?

I am trying to learn how to soften (that I begun with Hawaiian Hula) and to let solar plexus lead. It is so wonderful the moments I can. And I need it so much. Lori taught us to think of not being violent in our motions. Am I? Have I? Of course! Isn't this the whole thing? I have been violent against myself.

And I was a little worried about the competition by one of the other women in the class. But, only to hear Lori's criticizing her that day.

My soft heart, my hard shell. Life is constantly surprising me with its gifts of grace.

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