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Looking for the Earth godess

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

It was after I came back to Sweden from my first longer stay in Hawaii 2005, I searched for green godess inspiration, for living more in tune with nature, or simply continuing to, like I used to, when I was a teenager and spent much of my time with horses, providing me with a sense of oneness.

On lots of pages flooded with pretty pictures, poetry and magical descriptions. I preferred those close to shamanism and Native American ways, that I felt resembled the Native Hawaiian way that I had been introduced to, through taking Hula classes.

To see the earth as a living spirit of its own and to become one with it, became my mission. To become embraced by something greater than my own mother that had passed away, I wanted Mother Earth to hold me. And she did.

The photo above, as shown by "Conscious Dancer magazine", is what inspired my cover photo to the book "The Call for Divine Mothering", later taken of me by Desirée Seitz on Oahu in December 2010.

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