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Mixing two cultures

Updated: May 5

When I returned to Sweden in 2005, after fallen in love with Hula dancing, it was for obvious reasons hard to continue practicing. Nonetheless I did, to the best of my ability to the records I had brought with me and by looking at the Merrie Monarch DVD. While trying to learn how the dance choreographies were made, I realised that many of the motions actually depicted what the song was about; the hands showing the lyrics. Therefor, I decided to try dancing Hula-inspired steps to Swedish folksongs and psalms about nature, with a similar connotation. While, I still have to develop a greater subtleness and softness, I still practice to Swedish songs sometimes. Here is an example, to one of my favourite little folksongs, that I also sing in this video, entitled "Nu grönskar det", which means in English: "Now, it's blooming", with a couple of motions, I've created myself.

Hope you like it!

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