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My Belgian blood

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

I tend to forget that I'm part Belgian, when I speak of my European heritage, but I am. I was born in Sweden, and so was my brother and parents, but my maternal grandmother was Polish, and my paternal grandmother was Belgian. Unfortunately, she died when my Dad was only 18 years old, wherefore I've never met her. My paternal grandfather's second wife came from Germany, and it was her I got my name from. Further down the line, I'm also French.

My Dad and his father, have several times commented that I look a little like Margaretha from Belgium. She was a little shorter and fuller than I am, but apparently we both (our whole family does) loves going to a traditional coffeeshop, smile the same way, and encourage others to live their dream. Her Dad in turn, made his own chocolate truffles! No wonder, I love chocolate so much.

My Dad wanted to become a photographer when he grew up, but his father said no, and wanted him to pursue an academic career instead. He reluctantly did, and became a journalist and author within the Ethnographic field. But, he also did get his first camera by his mother, and always enjoy taking photos. And so does my brother.

What is your dream? And what is your career choice? Are they the same? Find your passion with me as your personal coach, if you'd like.

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