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My first meeting with the FBI

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

One of my favorite things to play when I grew up, was to have a secret detective club with two girls and two boys from my school. We went to a deserted house in our neighborhood, to go hunting for clues. It was therefore with childlike excitement, I said yes to go on a tour of their headquarters in Washington DC a decade later.

It was 1989 and I had kept in contact with a guy a couple years older than me, that I had met next doors when I was an exchange student in Ticonderoga, NY. His parents had a summer-home in Putnam, where my first host family lived. He took me out on my first American date, which I actually broke the curfew for (but that is a different story...). Anyway, Mike was quite generous and keen on ensuring that I had a good experience, so he invited me to come and see him over spring break in Baltimore, MD, where he lived. He was working as a subcontractor to the FBI to prevent hackers and of course I wanted to see the capital of the United States. It was an exiting week, that I had to get permission from my Swedish mother to travel alone to for my organization ASSE, and he took me to the FBI-building for above mentioned tour.

One of the rooms that were shown, showed all ever manufactured guns, in order to always be able to match a bullet in their investigations. Since, it wasn't so far ago that our Swedish primeminister had been murdered (on Feb 28th, 1986), I decided to ask the FBI if they knew if he was caught yet. This was before Internet, and according to the occasional news-clipping my mother sent me, nobody had become arrested. The tour-guide and guard went to fetch two agents who came and talked to me in the corridor. They went and checked, and then came back and said that Sweden had been offered help by the FBI to solve the case, but had denied any need to. So, my first impression of the FBI was good. And Sweden still, seldom solves anything.

My second meeting with the FBI, was also good and real, and can be read about in my second book: "The Call for Divine Fathering", that you can find on Amazon and Kindle.

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