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"Not here, but in church perhaps."

I have started reading Isadora Duncan's own memoir. There are quite a few things I can relate to.

While I looked to the mountains for safety in Hawaii, rather than feeling stopped by them, we still both looked to. And dancing outside about nature.

I reckon her stays at boarding houses were like mine at hostels...

One thing in particular stood out: When Isadora was in Chicago to look for job opportunities to perform with her own dances, someone told her they probably would fit better in church.

I used to do my own little Hawaiian Hula inspired choreographies to Swedish hymns and folksongs, to keep the same sentiment and to show why and how Hula is created. But, when I performed at Sweden's Got Talent in 2007, one of the judges said the same as to Isadora Duncan, that maybe not here but in church, and cut me off.

After going back to Hawaii in 2010 though, I of course learned more Hula, which I showed some in Stockholm when I got back and would have continued with, if I wouldn't be cursed at, sabotaged and stalked all the time.

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