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Saved by Pele?

It was on my first trip to Hawaii in September 2004, that I also went for a quick visit to the Big Island, to see the volcanoes. Naturally, I went down to the local little beach near the lodge where I was staying right outside of Hilo, when I first got there. I picked up two pieces of lava rocks, one for me and one to give my Dad, I planned, since he's really into geology and archaeology...

The day after, I went hiking with a group of visitors around the park and went into the little souvenir store. I picked up a thin little book about the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess Pele, that I just had learned about on our hike by our guide. The book then flipped itself open to a paragraph, that immediately caught my eye. There it said that Pele can curse anyone taking lava from her. So, as soon as we had returned to the hostel, I immediately put back both the rocks at the same very spot, I have found them.

More about this in my book "The Call for Divine Mothering."

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