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Signs or superstition?

My maternal grandmother was a firm believer in certain signs that she taught my mother and that my mother shared with me and my cousin. How about you? Do you believe in these? I do.

A tickle in the palm of your left hand - means that money is on its way

A tickle in the palm of your right hand - means that a gift is on its way

Hot red cheeks or a sudden hick-up - means that someone is thinking of you

Pain in the bunions of your feet - means that a storm is approaching

Then it's considered bad luck to put keys on a table, open an umbrella indoors or see a black cat cross the road in front of you (which you can counter by saying "tvi, tvi, tvi" three times over your right shoulder). You also shouldn't walk underneath a ladder. These can all mean approaching deaths of loved ones. (And in Hawaii, one shouldn't remove any lava rocks, since this could bring the volcanic Goddess Pele to curse you. But certain animals can sometimes carry the spirit of an ancestor to warn us and to keep us safe.)

I think it might be that if we dare to believe, we will simply be given signs as part of our perception for our intuition and instincts, so that we can act accordingly, if we so choose...

Photo from my 50th birthday in Bélem, Portugal.

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