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The beauty of Isadora Duncan

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Isadora Duncan released us from the constraints of the traditional classical ballet and encourages us to dance in harmony with nature.

I do a plié with straight back, but here I get to bend my neck and pick up something from the ground on my way up. Therethrough she enables me to liberate the motion and let it become an expression, which in turn suddenly enables me to stand balanced on relevé like never before, because I am not merely standing on relevé, I'm reaching, gathering, calling, moving with the wind. The loose silk flowing close to our bodies brings it forth. I can now choose to be more me, or be more Duncan. A freedom of space, a freedom of movement.

In this lies her beauty, a feminine expression without having to be sexy. Flirtatious and inviting yes, but nonetheless discerning. And letting her students show friendships.

Life simply. Not an easy life, but her own indeed.

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